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How Electronic cigarettes work

Many people are increasingly buying and using electronic cigarettes especially due to the increase in health risk that are being associated with regular tobacco cigarettes. Most likely you bought or seen someone buy electronic cigarette, but have you ever thought about how they work? 

howecigworksMost of the electronic cigarettes you buy are normally made up of three parts: An atomizer, a Flavor coverage, and a rechargeable lithium battery. The battery is housed in a tube that has an LED light at one of the tip. On the other end of the long tube is a cartridge with a refillable liquid reservoir that is used to hold liquid nicotine. One end of the cartridge has a mouth piece that enables you to draw the nicotine vapor. An atomizer with a heating element is then sandwiched in between the two parts. This heating element is the one responsible for heating the nicotine vapor as it passes through with each drag of the electronic cigarette you buy and smoke.

Most people who buy electronic cigarette and have also used traditional cigarettes will tell you that there is no major difference in the feel and narcotic effect of the two. Once you place the e-cigarette in your mouth and you take a drug, nicotine vapor which has been heated up by the atomizer gets to your mouth. Simultaneously, a sensor that is placed next to the battery sense the pressure and lights up the tip of the electronic cigarette. Note that it’s possible to buy an electronic cigarette that has been designed with two parts only. These electronic cigarettes will have the atomizer and the cartridge combined into one unit referred to as a cartomizer. Regardless of whether you buy electronic cigarettes with two or three parts, they function in the same way. The difference is only physical.

You do not have to buy electronic cigarettes every time you want to smoke like is the case with tobacco cigarettes which get used up and you have to discard after a single use. The nicotine reservoir in e-cigarettes can be refilled with liquid nicotine or completely replaced with a fresh cartridge once it has run out. If you buy electronic cigarettes, you also get an option to choose from a wide variety of nicotine strengths and flavors. Moreover, the battery in the electronic cigarette can be charged whenever it goes down.

What benefits do you gain if you buy electronic cigarettes as opposed to using regular tobacco cigarettes?

Although electronic cigarettes do not add any nutritional and healthy benefit to your body, they provide an excellent alternative to the more harmful traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is due to many reasons as detailed below.

electroniccigaretteThe first benefit associated with electronic cigarette is that the smoke they emit is just pure water vapor. This makes them more socially acceptable. It’s also one of the reason many people buy electronic cigarettes. Note that smoking regular cigarettes in public in most places have been banned due to the poisonous smoke they produce.

Moreover, to buy electronic cigarette, you will require less money in the long run as compared to regular cigarettes since they are not reusable. This will potentially save you a lot of money in the long run. Note that the initial high price you pay to buy electronic cigarette for the first time as compared to regular cigarettes only makes them expensive in a single use case. But with cumulative use, e-cigarettes prove cheaper.

Another major benefit associated with using electronic cigarettes is the fact that the smoke you inhale is nothing more than pure harmless water vapor, as compared to the toxic clouds emitted by regular tobacco cigarettes which are associated with multiple healthy disorders. This is give you an additional reason to buy electronic cigarettes over the toxic, life threatening, tobacco cigarettes.

There is basically no bad noxious bad smells associated with smoking electronic cigarettes. Remember that regular tobacco cigarettes leave behind a strong smell that lingers in the smoker’s furniture, car, clothing, etc. Most tobacco smokers are used to this smell and may not even notice it but it disgusting and sickening to no smokers and you may find they don’t want to get nearer to you. Buy electronic cigarettes and let your non smoker friends enjoy your company.

Lastly, electronic cigarettes are non flammable. There is no burning or fire that is associated with e-cigarettes. This mean that electronic cigarette eliminate the risk associated with flammable tobacco cigarettes such as burns on your clothes, your skin or carpet. Moreover, a lot of houses have been caused by tobacco cigarettes ignitions. 

In conclusion, buy electronic cigarette and liberate yourself from the dangerous posed by tobacco.

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